Do you have jewelry, gold, silver, etc... that you are looking to sell but don't know the true value of the piece? Your best option is to stop by several jewelry buyers and get multiple appraisals on your jewelry before selling.

These appraisals should be FREE, but sometimes you may find buyers charging an appraisal fee.

We offer a 100% obligation, cost, and worry free appraisal service that is quick, painless, and honest. Usually we will give recommendations, and possible other options to get the most value from your jewelry. Sometimes you may find your appraisal value too low from what you were looking for. In these cases we can help provide advice and recommend other methods to sell your jewelry for your desired amount.

Yuriy's has been providing free appraisals and helping customers get money for their unwanted pre-owned jewelry for over 20 years. Still have questions and concerns regarding the appraisal process? Stop by one of our stores or call us for a free consultation. We will be happy to help you out however we can - absolutely obligation free.

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